The company diligently strives to expand its operations and employ all capacities to farthest limits in order to attain best results for client and the company. The company applies smart processes to increase its production capacity of its factory in order to satisfy local market requirements in the best possible ways. The Company also extracts raw materials through drilling and converts the same into high quality products through modern washing and treatment mechanisms.

The company has a fleet equipped with developed and up-to date machinery and vehicles to extract a pure product free from blemishing particles. To keep up with the latest technologies in the field, new sand treatment units have been installed using Hydro-Cyclone technology in cooperation with international companies and from an environmental prospective, water treatment plant is installed to use the recycled water for the production process.

Types of Soil

Gatch Sand

Gatch is found some times in layers along with natural sand .Gatch is a good stabilizing material, so it is used as a sub grade material, bedding of pipe laying … etc.

Washed Sand

Washed sand is produced by washing sieved sand where clay and salt content is reduced to an acceptable level of international standard. It is used as concrete ingredient, plastering, building works … etc. Clay and salts content is injurious to the concrete. Washed sand produces durable concrete.

Agricultural Soil

Agricultural soil is the top that is found in barrow pits. It will be found within half to one meter in depth from the top ground. The soil is reddish in color which is an indication of fertile soil. This soil is used to make garden and meadow … etc.

Sieved Sand

Sieved sand is produced from natural sand by sieving. It is used from producing washed sand. Also used for plastering, concrete dry mix … etc. It is also used as a bed for laying paving tiles.

Natural Sand

Below the agricultural soil, we find deposits of natural sand. Natural sand are sometimes found in layers mixed thick clay (Gatch) layers. Gatch, material the natural sand is separated by sieving.

Quality Control

To achieve its objectives through maintaining highest applicable quality standards in its products according to globally agreed specifications .Bayan Establishment Co. has a fully equipped lab operated by experienced lab engineers and technicians who monitor the product quality together with commitment to maintain specifications approved by Kuwait Ministry Of Public Works and International Standard .

The company has highly efficient and qualified staff possessing field expertise and overall knowledge of soil and sand types. Bayan Establishment Co. operates under a business plan focusing on long term development of business.

The company also intends to expand its operations through:

  • • Increase production capacity of our factory through following modern techniques in production processes.
  • • Enhance quality of our products in greater and more accurate manner.
  • • Train the staff on up-to date production techniques.
  • • Innovate new products serving building materials industry.

Our Differentials

  1. Excellent customer service.
  2. Production of high quality products as per international standards and specifications.
  3. Dedicated team continuously strives to attain customer satisfaction .
  4. Competitive prices.
  5. On time delivery.
  6. Own the biggest number of machines & equipments to satisfy the market need.
  7. keep up with the technological development to maintain the evolution of the company and increase its activity in the market and to achieve more progress and prosperity.

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